The Boyle and Keneally Series

Dancing with the Dead: A totally chilling and unputdownable serial killer thriller (Boyle & Keneally Book 1) is out September 3rd but available to pre order now!

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Here’s the blurb:

She had taken only one step towards the hotel when she heard the car door opening, and then something had her by the shoulders in a grip like steel. Penny tried to fight, but it was no good. The last thing she heard as consciousness drifted away was the whisper of a familiar song…

In a small town on Ireland’s west coast, a young woman named Penelope O’Dwyer leaves a restaurant. It should take five minutes to walk back to where she’s staying. In those five minutes she disappears without a trace.It’s a few days before the tape arrives. The kidnapper’s face is masked, his voice distorted, but no one doubts for a second he will follow through on his threat: a ritual murder at the end of October – and after that, many more murders to come. Penelope has two weeks to live. And the police don’t have a single lead.

Detective Seamus Keneally insists they need help. Especially when imprisoned murderer Frederick Morgan offers vital information connecting this case to a series of historic murders. But he will only speak to one person: criminal behaviourist Jessie Boyle. Jessie is still grieving after a brutal tragedy that cut her career in London short – but right now, she’s the only chance Penelope has.

Morgan claims this is the work of a serial killer who’s been working in the shadows for longer than the police have ever realised. Now Jessie must use all her instincts and insight to get inside the mind of a criminal more ruthless than any she’s faced in her career – before the evil that has secretly stalked Ireland for decades is unleashed again.

A totally breathtaking and chilling crime thriller that will keep you gripped to the very last page, perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, A.J. Rivers, Tana French and Lisa Gardner.

Published January 2022

A family of Irish Travellers camping in Derrada Woods, in County Leitrim, (the least populated area in Ireland), have come across what seems to be a burial ground containing human remains. 

When the bodies are exhumed, it becomes clear someone has been using this site to inter bodies for many years.  The causes of death of the ten corposes found are many and varied, and most puzzlingly, the police are unable to identify any of the remains: they aren’t on the Missing Person’s lists, and none of their DNA is on file.  

Joe Keenan, the Traveller who found the remains (and reported them to the police)  has been arrested for the crimes, even though he has been living in England for years and couldn’t possible have been involved in the more recent burials.  The local police, however, seem to want a quick arrest and to get the crime off their books.  

Dawn Wilson, the Police Commissioner, is very unhappy with this turn of events, and she also learns that there is a history of unsolved crimes attached to Derrada Woods, though for some reason there has never been a proper follow up.  So she sends Jessie Boyle and Seamus Keneally to the small town of Ballinamore, right on the edge of the ancient Derrada Woods, to see what they can learn.

And what they learn is very confusing indeed.

Derrada Woods are rumoured to be haunted by an evil entity, the Abhartach, a kind of Celtic vampire that is rumoured to be contained in a mound in the centre of the forest.  This creature is said to have been wreaking havoc on any who stray too deeply into the woods for hundreds of years.  Jessie and Seamus take it with a pinch of salt, but as they investigate the deaths, things start to get very strange.  

Fresh bodies start to appear – and that is just the beginning.

The Irish army, who have used the woods as a training ground in the past arrive into Ballinamore trying to halt the investigation.  A former Irish Intelligence Officer, who claims to have been catastrophically injured by something she encountered in the woods comes to town, determined to have her revenge on the person – if person it was – who ended her military career.  And on top of all of this the presence of Joe Keenan, the Traveller who found the original bodies, draws the Dunnes, aTraveller clan with a grudge against him, to the area, creating a powderkeg of violence that threatens to subsume the entire town.  Jessie, Seamus and Terri are stuck in the middle of a showdown between the local police, the Irish military, a rogue intelligence officer, a Traveller Gang and whatever it is that is hiding in the trees.  And as the death toll mounts, Jessie starts to wonder if anyone will get out of Leitrim alive.