Shane’s Journalism

Here’s a selection of pieces I have written for various publications.

A piece I wrote for The Journal about the things we need to think about before posting images of our children online.

A piece I wrote about the death of James Bolger.

A piece I wrote about youth homelessness, particularly young people leaving care.

A piece I wrote for the Irish Times about the quandry many young people arrive at in their teens, where they love their parents yet at the same time are horrified at the idea they might become anything like them.

A piece I wrote for the Irish Independent on my mother’s secret history.

One of my most widely read pieces, about the terrible hypocrisy of the church in Ireland.

A recent piece from the Irish Examiner, about my life and career.

A piece on the Channel 4 documentary on the abuse allegations against Michael Jackson.

Is the Catholic church still covering up abuse allegations, using canon law to bury its secrets? This article examines the facts.

A piece I wrote on the impact of sexual abuse on those who survive it.

An angry piece I wrote in response to a comment made by Darts superstar Eric Bristow.

An article I wrote on surviving a serious car accident.