Shane’s Music

A song I wrote with the wonderful Hazel Gaynor. I thought Hazel’s words reflected how so many of us felt about Lockdown.

The Lakes of Ponchartrain is a song I’ve been singing for many years, and when I sing it, I can always see the story unfold like a movie in my head. I was delighted to be able to perform it at the launch of my dear friend, Sheila Forsey’s book, Kilbride House.

This is a song by Mickey McConnell called Supermarket Wine, a gorgeous song of lost love that I dedicated to David Dunnigan during a chat I had on LMFM on their fantastic Late Lunch programme.

Here’s me singing my own song, Tongue Tied, which was inspired by the father of my best friend, Ronan Lowney. His Dad, Joe, was the leader of a showband back in the ’50s and ’60s, and he told me once about how a member of his band would see the spot the same woman in the crowd when they performed at a particular dance-hall once every twelve months, but was never able to pluck up the courage to talk to her.

A snippet of myself and Kevin performing Nancy Spain at a gig for the Irish Carers Association.

My song, The Tinker King, based on a story I was told by an old Travelling Woman many years ago.